Christine Peckham is a Farmer Florist and owner of Shenandoah Knoll Flower Farm in the Okanagan Valley, BC.

Flower Farm - Christine Peckham - Ornamental Horticulturalist in Armstrong

I am the little one in the photo above (5 years old), with my eldest cousin Louise and my Dad.

That garden is very weedy!! This was te only time we were ever allowed in the garden with our Sunday shoes.

So much of what my family did was centered around sharing what we had – the Sunday ritual of cutting flowers for visitors was somethingI learned at an early age. I learned the intrinsic value of giving but also the value of looking after that which you want to gift.

I have gardened and farmed. I love both. I have rows and rows of flowers and vegetables for sale but close to the house are some of my old fashioned favourites, enough for me and a visitor!